Salem Collective of Artists and Musicians (S.C.A.M.)

A growing group of artists & musicians, SCAM is located on Artists' Row in downtown Salem. We are making & selling art as well as offering free workshops and performances from now through the end of October. We hope you'll come visit!


SCAM focuses on the art process and performance while employing “green” strategies such as materials and resource sharing, repurposing discarded items and discovering art everywhere.


The Salem Collective of Artists & Musicians is a growing group of practicing local artists and musicians working in a wide variety of mediums. Acting as a true collective, SCAM looks to pool its resources by sharing materials and to create a lively, open community for art in the making.

General Information

With the goals of engaging the public and the free exchange of ideas, SCAM offers artists and visitors alike the opportunity to participate in the artistic process at Artists’ Row in downtown Salem, MA. The working studio is open to the public where interaction is encouraged. Once completed, finished work is available for purchase in the gallery space. Art mediums include painting, drawing, jewelry making, book binding, photography, instrument making, sculpture, mixed media, digital media, poetry and original music performance. Free workshops and performances will be offered throughout the season: June through October.


Formerly Serendipitish, “Marrow”, reflects a deep sense of purpose and meaning that we have found we share through our individual works and collaborations since the start of the 2013 season.  Collectively we have found bones to be a recurring theme in our artwork, and though they tend to have a connotation with death, the marrow within living bone is the source of regeneration and life. Like bone, art and the ability to create together are our creative scaffolding, providing structure, protection, and lifeblood. Art and the process of its creation are our marrow.   marrowart.com


Since incorporating as a non-profit corporation on August 31, 2007, the entirely volunteer-run Salem Arts Association has produced close to 40 exhibits, events, and workshops, all free of charge to Salem’s residents and visitors. To date, SAA programming has reached close to 20,000 people. This has been made possible in part through collaborations with numerous local businesses and organizations, including the Art Corner, the City of Salem, the North Shore Writers Group, the Parlor, the Peabody Essex Museum, the Salem Chamber of Commerce, and Salem State University.

In its first collaboration, in the summer of 2007, the SAA partnered with Salem State’s Campus Center Arts Program to launch sass:C – a collaborative gallery of art and craft as part of the City’s Artists’ Row program. In 2008, the SAA expanded on this idea and, going it alone this time, successfully operated the Salem Arts Association Gallery, again in Salem’s Artists’ Row, increasing sales, memberships, and volunteer commitments. In recognition of these auspicious beginnings, the Salem Chamber of Commerce nominated the Salem Arts Association for the 2007 Community Service Award, and the Salem Cultural Council named the SAA Artist of the Year in 2008.

SAA membership has grown from 12 individuals who met in March of 2007 to discuss the formation of an association, to 32 when we approached ARTSalem to join us in this endeavor in May of 2007, to more than 200 members by June 2009. The SAA now also offers Associate Memberships for people who wish to support the mission of the Salem Arts Association but do not consider themselves to be artists.

Salem Arts Association


Double Exposure is the working studio/gallery of Sabin Cannon & Pamela Goldberg.

Sabin works primarily with mixed media on wood and Pamela primarily paints with watercolors, images inspired by nature and meditation. They also mesh their creative visions on mixed media collaborations. The studio is open to the public and workshops will be offered to the public.

Pamela Goldberg eartheggdesigns.com

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We're a little place with a big heart.  The Shanty has been serving the Good People of Salem for 30 years and is a local institution.

Alas! We are too tiny to take reservations. First come, first served.

We welcome anyone who wants to come and relax with us.  You can even have beers with your dog on our patio, if the weather permits. This is one place where you can let your freak flag fly.