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Artist Reception: Kate Follett paintings @ In a Pig's Eye

  • In a Pig's Eye 148 Derby Street Salem, MA, 01970 United States (map)

Kate Follett has shared her amazing oil paintings on our walls for the month of September. Please join us to celebrate on Sunday September 11 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. 

About Kate Follett:

I’ve been drawn to wilderness for as long as I can remember. Hiking in the mountains or the desert, miles from civilization, I can find a state of consciousness something like what neurologists call “flow:” a state that is hyper-observant, yet contentedly calm. I often reach the same feeling while I paint. For me, the link between painting and landscapes is physical. 

The landscapes I’m drawn to, and try to capture on canvas, are rarely traditionally pleasant. They are often uninhabited, remote, cold, and—in close-up view—approaching abstraction. Human objects, when they do appear, are intrusive or in sharp contrast to the natural background. The landscapes are random, imperfect, and “organic,” yet have a basic organization arising from the simple rules of geology, hydrology, and biological symmetry. While traveling through a wilderness, I look for scenes that strike this balance between order and chaos. I photograph them, often with whatever app is on hand, and paint from a combination of photo, memory, and imagination. Oil on canvas, with its seed-oil medium, fibrous surface, and mineral pigment, feels like an obvious analogue to images of a primeval world.

These images try to capture some of what I sense, both scientifically and spiritually, about the natural world: It is built on simple rules that result in an infinite profusion of forms, all of which are successful in their own way; it is indifferent to any individual, including you, including me; and it is our only home. -Kate Follett

Kate Follett is a New England-based landscape painter. She studied painting and two-dimensional design at Skidmore College and Amherst College, and received an MFA in fiction writing from Emerson College. Her professional work in writing children’s educational books eventually led to a career reorientation toward the natural sciences, including extensive wilderness travel and, eventually, landscape painting.

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