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Tali Marotz on Exhibit @ Salem Ink
to Aug 30

Tali Marotz on Exhibit @ Salem Ink

Tali is a contemporary artist with an intrinsic ability to create her vision on canvas. Her paintings reflect passionate energy and her ability to use color and light creates a bold, yet subtle continuity of mood. The images she brings to life on canvas are a devotion to her own personal expression.  Tali’s work reflects her internationalism. 

Born and raised in Haifa, Israel, she is a graduate of the Haifa Institute of Art.  As an adult, she spent several years living in Germany playing an active role in the Artistry community as well as performing her own art exhibitions.  Later, she relocated to Hong Kong where, for three years, she traveled regularly to exotic locations in Southeast Asia.

Today, Tali and her family reside in Salem, Massachusetts where she continues to create unique works of art. Her canvases are not isolated moments, but a sensitive reflection of lifetime impressions. 

The pleasure of their making is evident in these works. Whether by virtue of natural talent, concerted effort or both, these pieces show an uncommonly exact eye for color, texture, and composition. There is a remarkable balance among found materials and original marks, and between textures and surfaces of disparate kinds. One of the most pleasing aspects of these pieces is the sensation of harmonious rhyme that is created among various images, colors, and forms.

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