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Amy Roberts @ TWK Winchester
to Oct 7

Amy Roberts @ TWK Winchester

Western Avenue Studios and Lofts
122 Western Avenue
Lowell MA

I grew up in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in Connecticut and began lessons with oils when I was nine.  Flaming Ferns, shown in this portfolio, is an example of my work when I was 12. 

Now my chosen medium is acrylics because they work well in my traveling lifestyle.  My path has offered the opportunity to live in several states, the Carolinas, California, Virginia, Texas, Hawaii, Kansas, and Massachusetts. My paintings have found homes as far away as Japan, Norway, and South America.

I explore in ever widening rings from where I am, I am a witness to that time, that place. I have moved 19 times and lived in nine states. I am about finding the small spaces, hidden places and mercurial skylines, returning at different times of day. The effect of the light is of special interest to me. Reflections in water, glass, ice, a polished floor offer the kinds of challenges I want to master. I prefer working on a larger canvas,  building them to complement the subject.  I want to see a very small phenomenon grow mighty and beautiful.

Artist member:  WASAA                      
                           Marblehead Arts Association
                           Swampscott Arts Association
                           Salem Arts Association


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Jacque Oman Clinton @ TWK Winchester
to Jul 14

Jacque Oman Clinton @ TWK Winchester

I am a full time artist and illustrator living in Salem, MA with my husband and two cats. I

work primarily in acrylic and watercolor to create luminous, detailed paintings that celebrate the

hidden complexity of “the little things” found in nature and the manmade world. I am interested

in the ways everyday objects become meaningful to us when we give them our attention and let

them tell their story.

for the layers of beauty that are easy to overlook in such seemingly simple things. The process of

observing my subjects and slowly building up layers of translucent color requires me to be

patient and mindful. It is a meditative experience that connects me to the joy of being present.

I also work in acrylic to investigate how our nostalgia and personal histories affect our

perception of everyday objects. I am interested in the backstory of how items come to symbolize

different things to different people.

I come from a family of farmers and artists, and grew up making art, learning about

nature, and spending as much time outdoors as possible. I enjoyed summer vacations on my

grandma’s farm in Minnesota, where I came to appreciate the beauty and significance of “the

little things”. My work is deeply rooted in my nostalgia for the simplicity and wonderment that

moved me so much as a child.

I do commissioned paintings for clients throughout the country. I also illustrate children’s

books and create custom wedding stationary and greeting cards. My work has shown in galleries

in Minnesota, New Jersey, and most recently, Massachusetts. For inquiries about commissions or

illustration projects, please e-mail me at or see my website at

My watercolor pieces focus on the intricate details of nature’s little things. I look

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Deanna Jacome at TWK Winchester, MA
to May 16

Deanna Jacome at TWK Winchester, MA

  • The Waterfield Kitchen (map)
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Deanna Jacome is an artist, craftsman, and educator. She recently graduated from Montserrat College of Art in May of 2015, with her BFA in Book Arts and Art Education. Jacome grew up in Nashua, N.H, where she developed diverse passions in the visual arts and in educating. She considers herself a multi-media artist, and is currently working primarily in book arts, painting, Turkish marbling, and photography. Jacome’s work comes from her intrigue and appreciation of the world and her want to embrace the little moments in life. The understanding and respect she has for people’s unique ways of learning inspire her to become an elementary school art teacher as well as a practicing fine artist.

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