Skyline and Buildings in the Lower Lafayette/Point neighborhood

Skyline and Buildings in the Lower Lafayette/Point neighborhood

The Lower Lafayette Area (LO-LA) and The Point are Salem’s next hot spot 
neighborhoods, offering opportunities for residents and visitors to check out the latest 
shops, galleries, and new construction that is bringing rejuvenation to an area often 
ignored in the recent past. 

The Point neighborhood is approximately 144 acres south of Downtown Salem and the 
wharves. With more than 4,000 residents, a dense, immigrant population calls the 
neighborhood home, living in multi-family homes and brick and mortar apartment 

Salem has welcomed waves of English, French, Irish, Italian and Dominican immigrants 
that have long shaped the community’s culture with many beginning their new lives in 
the new world among similar peoples that have long called the neighborhood home.

Its nearness to Salem State University, Salem Harbor, and public transit make it an idea 
location for students, commuters, and newcomers alike. The neighborhood features 
gorgeous, architectural assets that must be preserved in order to round out the 
community’s wider architectural history. 

Currently, the Salem Point Neighborhood Vision and Action Plan is bringing together a 
group of city, regional, and nonprofit stakeholders to develop and implement a vision for 
improving the Point now through 2020. The Plan aims to improve Congress and 
Lafayette Street corridors as well as examining potential changes at Peabody, Harbor, and 
Palmer streets to help bridge downtown Salem and the Point.