DIY Liqueur Gift Guide by Salem Sips

By Kit Rose

DIY Liqueur Gift Guide

Eek! It's last minute, and you still have a handful of cousins, friends, or aunts & uncles to buy for. Or, maybe you need a unique host gift. Either way, Salem Sips is at your rescue.  Follow the below recipes, bottle them, tie a festive ribbon on it, and Voila! Adjust these to the amount you need, or put a personal spin on the flavors.  You. Are. Welcome. 


Infuse in a pitcher one bottle of vodka, 10 cinnamon sticks, and 2-3 sliced apples, for 2-3 days. 


Infuse in a pitcher one bottle of brandy, one cup of peeled and chopped ginger, and 2-3 sliced pears, for 2-3 days. 


Bring to a simmer 3.5 cups white sugar with .5 cup brown sugar and 4 cups of water.  Remove from heat and add your choice of 2 oz fresh espresso, 3 oz strong brewed dark roast coffee, or 2 oz instant coffee (allow to dissolve). Combine coffee syrup and one bottle of vodka in a pitcher with a capful each of peppermint extract and vanilla extract. 


Zest 10 lemons, carefully excluding white pith. Add to a bottle of vodka in a pitcher. Allow to steep 2-3days. Drain zest. Heat equal parts sugar and water ( about 2.5 cups each) until sugar dissolves, not to a boil. Separate from heat to cool. Add infused vodka, and strain over a coffee filter. Salem Sips Twist: why not try another citrus, like tangerine or grapefruit? Add a little of the juice to the sugar syrup for extra flavor. 

Happy DIY Sipping!