YAY for Rosé! by Kit Rose

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Found globally and thought to be the oldest style wine, Rosé (or Rosado/Rosato) has in the past few years made a dramatic and well deserved re-entry onto the palates of wine lovers.  The August '14 issue of Wine & Spirits admits to last featuring Rosé on its cover in 1986... That's almost 30 years of wine neglect! Salem Sips is loving the current abundance of options on Salem wine lists and retail shelves.  It is a perfect summer pairing to an ocean - side New England meal. 

To obtain the juicy pink hues, rosés are made from red grapes, or a blend of red and white, macerated with the skins in tact for only a short period of a few hours to a few days, depending on the vineyard.  The skins are then removed for fermentation (deep, ruby red wines are fermented skin-on, and the longer the skin to juice contact, the darker the wine).  

The typical character will have a more subtle aroma and taste than its red counterpart, as shorter skin contact results in very little tannin absorption, hence its chill-ability.  They tend to be dry, despite the stigma that pink wine equals sweet wine, but can denote ripe peach or tart apple on its nose. Rosé can be enjoyed either still or sparkling. 

The most common and oldest style of sparkling Rosé is French Champagne.  Some are even made with up to 40% pinot noir or pinot meunier grapes, the rest being chardonnay.  Think old world royal champagnes like Dom, Moët,  and Veuve.  Their Wine - making style dates back to the 17th century, when they were reserved for Kings and Queens. Not only an every-day status symbol, but consumed at the most lavish of parties and celebrations, this connotation holds true hundreds of years later. 

Luckily for us common folk, many affordable still and sparkling rosés are available right in downtown Salem.  Another reason to not leave our perimeters! Have a seat or take it home; Rosé is an excellent choice to compliment a beach picnic, fish sandwich, lobster roll, Sunday Brunch, or girls' night in with a cheese and fruit platter. 

If you are a fellow Rosé enthusiast, or want to indulge in the rising appreciation for a pleasing and refreshing Rosé,  here is what's being offered in our city's restaurants and shops... (*disclaimer: availability is subject to change.  Please inquire within each establishment and don't blame me if they ran out!)

Salem Sips' recommendations:

Have a seat at..

Finz, and order B&G Sparkling Rosé ($29/bottle) with some raw oysters

The Grapevine, and order Capcanes Mas Donis Rosado ($8/$32) with brunch

Opus, and order Rosa del Castagno ($10/$38) with sushi

Turner's Seafood, and order Mulderbosch Rosé ($7/$27), with Mussels Provencal 

Gulu Gulu, and order Zestos Garnacha Rosé ($6.50/$25),  with the Die Berliner Panini

Take it home from....

Salem Wine Imports, Reuilly Pinot Gris ($22) with artisan cheeses and local fruit from Milk & Honey

Pamplemousse, Lamadrid Malbec Rosé ($12.99) with smoked sausage and cheese babkas from Polonus

Happy Sipping,

Kit Rose 

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