Summer Sangria by Kit Rose with Sangria Cheat Sheet!


by Kit Rose

On occasion, adding more fruit to your diet can be a challenge.  Or maybe you’ve been staring at an overabundance of peaches and apples in your fruit bowl on the counter, not sure what to do with them.  If either of these problems afflict you, Salem Sips has the solution.  SANGRIA!! 

Spanish wine makers paid a visit to New York’s World Fair back in the 1960’s and introduced Americans to a new kind of party punch.  With a base of red wine (most commonly, but can also be served as Sangria Blanca), local seasonal fruits are added along with a sweetener such as honey, juice, or even flavored brandy.  Since then, countless recipes have been shared among generations and served at year-round celebrations.  While we have come to know this punch as a summer refresher, it is not unusual in warm climates to have it available any time.  

    In the West Indies, tropical fruits are added and the locals call it Sangaree.  In Southern Spain, with peaches and nectarines, it’s referred to as Zurra, and in Argentina, their wine punch is Clerico.  

    With still a few weeks of New England sunshine and warm days ahead of us, and in refusal to admit that summer is coming to an end, there is still plenty of time to find or make your favorite Sangria.  Salem Sips prefers the homemade version, so here are a few recipes along with where you can find the bottle listed, and a basic DIY chart to get you started at home.  Just choose one from each column, be creative, and remember to purchase your in-season fruit from our local Farmer’s Market!  Let us know in the comments which Salem location you think serves the best Sangria, and if it’s your home, we want the recipe! 

Happy Sipping! 

For both recipes, combine ingredients in a large pitcher, allow chilling 6hrs to overnight, and stirring before serving over ice. 


1 bottle Tres Picos Borsao Garnacha (Loring Liquors, $14.99)

2 peaches, sliced

¼ cup peach brandy

¼ cup white grape juice


1 bottle Vivanco Crianza Rioja (Quality Liquors, $15.99)

¼ cup Plum Wine 

¼ cup peach iced tea

2 plums, sliced

2 nectarines, sliced


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