Salem Cyberspace Is Not An Internet Café! Meet LEAP for Education!

Submitted by Lyle Harrod

We’re Changing Our Name to LEAP for Education

Who We Are

The staff at Salem Cyberspace has an announcement to make. We are not an internet café. We do not serve coffee, danish or bagels. We don’t fix or sell computers; we no longer teach adults how to use the Internet or Microsoft Office. People around Salem have told us they were confused about what we are all about, so let’s set the record straight.

We are an after school learning center for youth who are in middle, high school or college.   We offer free programming to youth regardless of ethnicity, gender or GPA.   We welcome students who grew up speaking English and those that are just learning it.  We also welcome the LGBT community.  We are here for any student interested in learning, growing, and getting involved in the community.  It is that simple.

Why Are We Changing Our Name To LEAP for Education?

LEAP stands for Learn, Explore, Aspire and Pursue.   

Learn and Explore- By the time students leave high school, we want them to have had the opportunity to do so many things – choreograph a dance, produce a music video, build and program a robot, explore underwater marine life, act in a play, write a play, dissect a pig, design and create a project on a 3-D printer, visit local organizations, listen to career speakers, and so much more.  

Aspire and Pursue – students identify what they like and what they don’t like and then dare to dream. Then they can take those dreams and make them happen.  College and Career, here we come.

What We Do

We have resources for students including computers with high speed wireless internet and software ranging from MS Office to the full Adobe Creative Suite and 3D Animation. We also offer free printing and almost any school supply they may need.  They also have access to cameras, video equipment, and a Makerbot 3D printer. 

We offer clubs for all interests. For example, we have a Social Action club, the group will take action on social issues affecting young people today, including an anti-smoking campaign and a voter registration campaign.

Additionally, we have a Design Club, which includes building and design challenges for the aspiring architects and engineers of the world. This club, amongst others, will have access to our state of the art 3D printer, which students can use to learn basic CAD programming and drafting.

We have one-on-one mentors and trainings for students who need help building a resume, finding a job, applying to college and basically navigating the daunting process of becoming self-sufficient, self-confident young adults

Most of all we have flexibility to add new Clubs and activities for students to get involved with. Keep reading to find out where you come in.

Get Involved – Volunteer!

We are recruiting some of the best and brightest minds around Salem to share their skills, passions and interests with the youth in town. I’ve created a few simple quizzes to help you figure out what to do from here.

Do you have interests or hobbies to share? Can you dedicate the time to put together one lesson a week to share with students? Perfect! Become a volunteer Group Leader! Work with us to create a Club for students. Most clubs will only meet one day a week, so you can still make band practice.

Did you go to high school? Are you in College? Do you remember anything you learned in high school or college? Do you think you can inspire youth to become more engaged learners? Ok, stop just talking about it and become a volunteer Tutor! We’re open from 3:30-7:00 Monday through Friday. Don’t act like you don’t have a couple hours to help out a local student. I’ve seen your Netflix queue, nobody should watch that much “Law & Order: SVU”.

Have you persevered through the whole college process to become a successful college student or graduate? Become a volunteer One-On-One Mentor. Getting that first job or writing a college essay can be tough; having somebody to keep you on track can make all the difference for the student who will be the first in their family to go to college. You don’t have to be as wise as Mr. Miyagi, Daniel-san, just be able to provide help with basic get into college, get a job type stuff.

To get involved, you can come by 209 R Essex St off the pedestrian mall, send Lyle Harrod an email at, call him at 978-740-6667 x 103, or get proper permitting and start a signal fire to get his attention.