Local Artist Feature: Kate Eppers

Kate has loved music, dance and theater her whole life. From the time she was eight years old until she was seventeen she performed in the comedic and internationally known "Ig Nobel Awards" at Harvard University. She continued to write songs on the piano and perform in plays throughout school. She went on to study music as she entered College. It was here that she truly understood that it was her calling.

Kate has had the pleasure and privilege to sing numerous times with the "Cape Ann Big Band", a lively seventeen piece big band out of Gloucester, MA. She also starred in Neverland Theater's warm rendition of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" in which she portrayed the role of "Mrs. Potiphar". Her experience with Neverland Theater was a dream come true.
Kate also had a blast performing original music at the Danvers Family Festival in Danvers MA this past 3rd of July! This year she had the pleasure of performing in AMJ's off broadway production "For your Entertainment" at the Backyard Bistro, North Shore Music Theater.

Whether it's her love of "Phantom of the Opera" or the literature of Edgar Allen Poe, Kate's inspiration can be heard through her songs.

Kate Eppers song "For me there's only you" is a fantasy she dreamed up. A story of an immortal woman that has spent an eternity mourning her dead love. The song was written originally as a musical theater inspired piece. What Evolved was an upbeat pop rock treat. "For me there's only you" features renowned singer-songwriter Randy Barr on guitar and vocals. His guitars gave the song a sexy edge, while his smooth , masculine voice flowed elegantly harmonizing with Kates. Barr added everything that the song needed to finally be complete.

When it came time to scout locations for the music video, she knew there was no better place than her own backyard. Her hometown , Salem Massachusetts. A regular at the Salem Ymca, kate was their to witness the reconstruction of the gorgeous Ames Hall. An ideal theatre to capture a dark, Venetian inspired party theme. But where too film a breathtaking, picturesque love sequence by the ocean? How about the place where she had her own first kiss? Winter island! Upon moving back to Salem a year ago, Kate frequented Winter Island's beaches daily and dreamed of what its beauty would look like on film. Brian Murphy (of the band "one time mountain") would become the romantic leading man alongside her. What's truly special about this video is it's a fantasy that is based in reality. Both the Salem YMCA Ames Hall and winter Island provide the perfect dreamscape on film, yet they are places that are truly profound and significant in Kate Eppers life, past and present.

Kate Eppers is currently working on finishing her first EP. The Video brought to you by Astropiano Films.