Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Via Kitchen Roots
By Adeline

Paleo chocolate chip cookies that taste like soft Chips Ahoy? Made from plantains? You bet!

Photo courtesy of Kitchen Roots.

Photo courtesy of Kitchen Roots.

For all of you trying to stick to your healthy January plans, getting back to those good habits we gleefully forgot about over the holidays, this is what you should make when you are craving sweets and cookies. Because they taste sinful but are made of fruit!

For this recipe you want ripe yellow plantains. The ones I used are yellow but were not fully ripe. Its up to you, for a sweeter cookie, but more sugars, go for really ripe ones that are almost black. 

Peel the plantains, chop the fruit into smaller chunks and put 7 ounces into your food processor. (I started with a blender but it didn't work well with my semi-ripe plantains. So you will see I scooped it all into my food processor.) A vitamix would be awesome here...

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