Refugee All Stars Bring Their Show to the Cabot

Sierra Leone’s eleven year civil war rocked the very foundation of Western Africa for generations to come. Thousands of people were killed during the uprisings and millions were forced to flee. The idea of moving so frequently under such a tense and terrifying situation killed morale for many, but some banded together to make a difference in any way they could.  Moving from refugee camp to refugee camp, Ruben Koroma and his wife Grace met up with pre-war musicians Francis John Langba and Idrissa Bangura and did their best to jeep morale up in such treacherous times. This is how Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars were formed.

A story that proves that truth is sometimes more impactful and meaningful than fiction, the band was the subject of the documentary  “Living Like A Refugee” which not only covered their displacement and the atrocities they faced while finding their voice, but also the conclusion of the war and the production of their first album.

After nearly a decade since the documentary was released, Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars are still making waves in the music world, and are bringing their world-renowned show to The Cabot. Their newest album, “Libation,” is a celebration of how far the band has come in ten years, and is as much of a treat for fans as it is for the band themselves. Their style, ranging from classic reggae beats to a more eclectic world sound, has something for everyone, and is a true labor of love from individuals who have spent years trying to find passion and beauty amidst such heartbreak.

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars will be playing The Cabot on Friday, April 24rd at 7:30PM. 

For more information on ticket prices, please check out their website: