Salem Food Digest - Special Correspondent - I Like My Coffee Like My Toast - Buttered

By SnarkyPants

Special Correspondent 

Editors Note: Today we introduce our first special correspondent. SnarkyPants is knowN to hold an opinion or two, and is not to shy to share them.

I love food. I love to cook. I love coffee. So, when I kept seeing articles touting "Bulletproof" Coffee my curiosity was aroused.  Just what exactly was this coffee that supposedly gave you energy, helped you to lose weight, made you smarter, vanquished your foes, and…. well you get the idea.

At its simplest, it is coffee with butter in it. Frankly that sounds pretty gross. According to it's inventor Dave Asprey, he was inspired by yak butter tea while hiking in Tibet. His recipe for this miracle coffee involves his own expensive coffee, his own wicked expensive "Brain Octane" coconut oil extract, and grass fed, unsalted butter.

This combination of low toxin coffee, coconut oil (medium chain triglycerides/MCT), and butter (Omega 3) supposedly combines to boost your energy, satisfy your hunger, and improve your mental clarity.

Well, I'll try anything once, maybe twice. So I bought some Kerrygold brand grass fed unsalted butter and unrefined, cold pressed, 100% organic extra virgin coconut oil, which are both available at Market Basket. This was one of the few time I ever  bought the "fancy"  stuff instead of going for the cheaper generic stuff.

If you try this be sure to get the grass fed, un-salted butter and the unrefined coconut oil (it should actually smell and taste of coconut).

I have read of a half-dozen "Bulletproof" Coffee or butter coffee recipes and most of them do not call for the trademarked items. The "Brain Octane" does claim that it has a higher concentrate of MCT compared to regular coconut oil. His coffee is touted as the "lowest toxin, highest performance" coffee that there is. Whatever.

I decided to use it on the days that I take my dog to the dog park. We usually are at the park for an hour or two in in the morning which doesn't always leave a lot of time for a hearty breakfast before I head to work. My trying to eat before going goes right out the window. I am lucky f the pup gives me enough time to pee and get dressed, never mind the time for a proper sit down.

So I figured to give this a try. I poured 8 ounce os strong coffee, one tablespoon of un-salted butter, and one tablespoon of coconut oil into my blender and blended it for 30 seconds or until frothy (the coffee, not me). Pouring it into a mug I took a sip.

It was not bad. Not at all greasy or oily as I thought it might be. There was no butter taste. The blending had cooled it to a perfect gulping temperature. There was a nice layer of froth on the top and it tasted like your basic latte. My tummy did not complain as it usually does after an hour and a half at the park.

For the month of October I drank a cup of butter coffee three or four mornings a week. I adjusted the butter and coconut oil to one and a half tablespoons each and occasionally added a splash of flavored creamer. You can add a sweetener if you want, but I never did.  A cup of this in the morning kept me satisfied until 11 O'Clock or so. Plus there was the added benefit of not feeling starved at the dog park. It may not have improved my mental clarity, but I felt pretty good.

Keep in mind that is not a diet drink. The baseline is around 240 calories and if you add more butter, oil, creamer, or sweeteners it can easily crank up to over 400 calories. Those calories, are at least from "healthy" fats, unlike those chain restaurant breakfast sandwiches .

The bottom line for me is, this buttered coffee is a pretty decent way to start my day if I don't have time for a real breakfast.