Salem Food Digest - Salem Farmers Market Returns

New Season Of Fresh Outdoor Food Shopping Arrives

By The BaldOne

If ever you hear someone say that there is is no returning to the past, gently take him or her by the hand and mosey with them down to Derby Square in Salem on a Thursday afternoon.

Once there they will see that history does not have to remain in the past. It can repeat itself, and in a positive way. The return of the Salem Farmer’s Market proves it.

Last week was the opening bell rung by the energetic Kylie Sullivan of Salem Main Streets. The sun was shining, the crowd was large and festive, and the goods were fresh and full of color.

Derby Square is where most of the tents and stands are set up, running from the top near Wicked Good Books all the way down both sides of Old Town Hall to Front Street, and across the street onto the the new and improved Artist’s Row.


Fresh seasonal produce is available as are lobsters, fresh eggs, spices, locally made wines and ciders, sauces, soaps, and many other local items.

I must admit an affinity for Salem based businesses and whenever I am at the market those are the first that I seek out. There are a few there every week.

Maitland Mountain Farm has been a fixture since the market was revived a few years ago.They refer to themselves as an Urban, Small-Plot Farm. To me they are the local family who are actually farming here in our little city, providing fresh produce, wonderful pickles, and a really tasty giardiniera.

Also there every week is Milk & Honey Green Grocer. This Church Street business has been with us for a few years now. They purvey the best and freshest of goods on a daily basis. Fresh made sandwiches and salads are always available, but I love the little section by the door in their store where you can scoop your own almonds, cashew, and walnuts.

Jodi Bee Bakes, soon to open at the Museum Place Mall got their Salem start at the market. If the vegan/vegetarian thing is for you then they are there. We have heard some debate as to whether or not a baker can be actually bake vegan. That is not our argument, but it hear it has something to do with not using lard.

You will need some spices to prepare whatever you are bringing home to cook, so a stop at the Salem Spice booth will be in order. A variety of natural salts, fine and coarse peppers and other sweet and savory cooking accents are there for you, along with some helpful suggestions on how to best mix and match this or that spice with a particular food item.

Shopping and cooking can be thirsty work, so a visit to the big guy with the bigger beard is probably a necessity. At Far From The Tree Cider, your thirst will be quenched, and you just may learn a little about how cider is made.

Salem Soapworks is also there to help you to clean up after the work is done. After all, smelling like food is all good, until it comes time to clean up and go out on the town

There are of course other vendors there for you, many more than I could visit last week. They are not all from Salem, but local is local and none of them had to come far to get here. The bread from When Pigs Fly is always good, and the Valicenti Pasta Farm sauces will compliment any cooks presentation.

Don’t wait until it is too late, head on down to what we have declared,

“The Goshdarn Best Farmer’s Market Since This Little Piggy Went Wee, Weee Weeee.”

Kylie Sullivan (Salem Main Streets) Mayor Kimberly Driscoll,  Rinus Oosthoek (Salem Chamber of Commerce) Gus Sousa(Market Manager)

Kylie Sullivan (Salem Main Streets) Mayor Kimberly Driscoll, Rinus Oosthoek (Salem Chamber of Commerce) Gus Sousa(Market Manager)