Karen Scalia: Exploring Salem’s History Through the Senses

Four years ago, Karen Scalia introduced Food Tours to Salem, MA, adding a delicious alternative to the ubiquitous ghost tours which occupy the streets of Witch City. Instead of discussing pointy hats and supernatural occurrences, Karen began to turn people’s minds towards the ocean, or more specifically, the Spice Trade, and the culinary and cultural impact it continues to have on Salem’s development. 

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SSU Students Discover Wealth of Public Art in Downtown Salem

This year Salem State University launched its First Year Day of Service Initiative – Moving Forward, Giving Back – teaming up students with local organizations for collaboration, networking, and community outreach. The students didn’t get to choose their placements, but a lucky few who had professed an interest in art got to team up with Salem Main Streets, the City of Salem, and Creative Salem for a few hours on Friday September 2nd. 

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Loneliness and Creativity: Embracing Silence, Finding Community

By Joey Phoenix

Images by Timothy Donovan Photography unless otherwise Marked

Why is it that creative people often have such intimate relationships with feelings of isolation and loneliness? It's probably because the urge to create can usually only be dealt with by the solitary act of the creative process itself. 

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Creative Spotlight: Chris Wilson - Sonic Architect and Sound Guru

Chris Wilson: Sonic Architect and Sound Guru

Sound engineers are among the most under-appreciated artists, despite the fact that they do some of the industry’s most important work. They ensure that the new album you bought sounds incredible, that the movie you’re watching makes your ears tingle with suspense and delight, that the video game you’re playing fully pulls you into the experience. Sound engineers create atmosphere, strike the proper balance between vocals and instrumentation, and tell sonic narratives in ways that enhance audio-visual experiences. 

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