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Eight Feet Tall at Opus Underground by KM Photography

by Kimberly Marchand

On June 11th 2015, Eight Feet Tall had a triumphant return to Salem's Opus Underground. The band slating this their reunion show, packed the house to capacity and motivated the crowd to an electric level. This was the first show the band had played in the last six months...but boy you wouldn't know it! The vocals were on, the music was tight and the crowd was loving every, single, second of it! 

It was a great representation of what is so amazing about live music, the give and take from the band and it's crowd. This crowd was definitely letting the band know that it missed them! The band was answering back so genuinely, with honestly one of the best shows I've seen here all year and keep in mind... I see a lot of shows. There was something really special in the Underground that night, something that I've only felt a few times before, the stuff smiles and chills are made up of, the screaming lyrics, sweaty hair, and elevated energy! I have to thank the band for such an incredible show, finished up by two (crowd insisted) Encores! This was one for the books friends and as always I'm so grateful to get to be a part of it/ Make sure you get down to Opus some night soon, you just never know when a show like this is going to take place.

Scenes from the Underground by KM Photography

Opus Underground is a concert venue and restaurant in downtown Salem MA featuring nightly entertainment spanning all ranges of entertainment from Hip Hop and Reggae to Burlesque and Karaoke. 

If you live in Salem, Ma. and you're a music fan, then you already know what we lovingly call the "Underground." If you don't, you seriously need to come visit here soon! Opus Underground is nothing less than a Haven for incredible music. It's a venue that supports, believes, and embraces live, local music. With an incredible team of staff and management, whose focus is always on booking top notch local talent, the quality of the music is always the main priority! 

I myself, have been fortunate enough to be a music photographer that lives less than a mile from this Venue. I count myself extremely lucky to constantly have an option of shooting such incredible talent. It has whole heartily become my home away from home and over the last two years I've covered about a hundred live shows here.

It doesn't matter what your flavor of music is, because honestly we've got that! Each Monday night features local and national Punk bands at "It's Gonna Get Weird", Tuesdays you can come test your chops at "Underground Karaoke" and Thursday night (my personal favorite) "Reggae Thursday" is where again incredible local and national acts are being booked weekly! Any other night of the week ... well they're being stacked with great jazz acts, or folk acts, or jam bands, or slammin hip hop, or funk bands! The most unforgettable nights though, are when a collaboration takes place or a special guests jump on stage, the room absolutely just explodes with energy! 

In saying that, I'd like to share with you all my personal collection of the music and some of the moments that have happen here thus far. It's been an incredible experience and I hope that you can feel just how uplifting and amazing a live local show is! I hope it inspires you to come out and see a show soon and motivates you to give some support back to local musicians. I for one will continue to give this venue and these musicians my support. I hope you all enjoy the pictures and if you're ever at the Underground come over and please say Hello!

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