Plummer Key of C Campaign- A fundraiser for the Plummer Home for Boys


Plummer Key of C Campaign


EVENT: Giving Tower Holiday Challenge


Plummer Home works with young people in the foster care and juvenile justice systems. Many of them have experienced trauma beyond what most of us can imagine. They may have been victims of or witnesses to violence, or have lived amidst addiction. Some were neglected, weren’t fed, or weren’t nurtured. Others may not have experienced such extreme trauma, but were in volatile situations.

One of the tools we use to help kids move forward from these experiences is music. Music helps them heal. It gives them the courage to cope with personal histories filled with pain and loss. It is cathartic. 

This Key of C campaign is a fundraiser for Plummer's music program. It helps us keep music in the lives of kids that would otherwise not have that option.

This holiday season, please donate to Plummer's music program.


Young people who leave the foster care or juvenile justice system without safe, stable & permanent family connections face grim outcomes, including high rates of homelessness, unemployment, early parenting and lack of education. 

Plummer is determined to change that by deeply and effectively engaging families for each young person we serve while building their skills and community connections, and by sharing our knowledge with others.

Where we do it:

  • Group Home for 12 boys between 13 and 18 years old.
  • Supported Apartment for young men ages 16–22. 
  • Community-based 1-bedroom apartments for young men or women who turned 18 while in group care or foster care.
  • Foster Care for girls and boys birth to age 22.
  • On Point Teen Resource Center for youth at risk of being removed from their families for having minor brushes with the law. Also serves neighborhood youth.

Learn more at:

Scenes from the Underground by KM Photography

Opus Underground is a concert venue and restaurant in downtown Salem MA featuring nightly entertainment spanning all ranges of entertainment from Hip Hop and Reggae to Burlesque and Karaoke. 

If you live in Salem, Ma. and you're a music fan, then you already know what we lovingly call the "Underground." If you don't, you seriously need to come visit here soon! Opus Underground is nothing less than a Haven for incredible music. It's a venue that supports, believes, and embraces live, local music. With an incredible team of staff and management, whose focus is always on booking top notch local talent, the quality of the music is always the main priority! 

I myself, have been fortunate enough to be a music photographer that lives less than a mile from this Venue. I count myself extremely lucky to constantly have an option of shooting such incredible talent. It has whole heartily become my home away from home and over the last two years I've covered about a hundred live shows here.

It doesn't matter what your flavor of music is, because honestly we've got that! Each Monday night features local and national Punk bands at "It's Gonna Get Weird", Tuesdays you can come test your chops at "Underground Karaoke" and Thursday night (my personal favorite) "Reggae Thursday" is where again incredible local and national acts are being booked weekly! Any other night of the week ... well they're being stacked with great jazz acts, or folk acts, or jam bands, or slammin hip hop, or funk bands! The most unforgettable nights though, are when a collaboration takes place or a special guests jump on stage, the room absolutely just explodes with energy! 

In saying that, I'd like to share with you all my personal collection of the music and some of the moments that have happen here thus far. It's been an incredible experience and I hope that you can feel just how uplifting and amazing a live local show is! I hope it inspires you to come out and see a show soon and motivates you to give some support back to local musicians. I for one will continue to give this venue and these musicians my support. I hope you all enjoy the pictures and if you're ever at the Underground come over and please say Hello!

See pics from all the latest shows from KM on Facebook


Chef Jake DiSilva Takes Over the Opus Kitchen and Adds His Own Playful Spin to the Restaurant’s Award-Winning Menu

Salem, MA (November 10, 2014):  The Opus team is excited to announce the restaurant’s new Executive Chef Jake DiSilva, who has joined the team just ahead of Salem’s  popular Restaurant Week.  Chef DiSilva’s draws his culinary inspiration from seasonal New England ingredients prepared with his own blend of classic technique and modern SoCal fusion.

“As far as the Opus menu goes, I plan on being a little more playful with the food,” explains Chef DiSilva. “Right now the dishes are very good and well prepared and I plan on maintaining that level of excellence in execution, but with some added items that you can't get at any other restaurant.”

From the woods of Southern New Hampshire, Chef DiSilva got his start in the dish pit of a pizza joint, but by the age of 15 he was frying clams in Wells Maine. After high school, DiSilva attended the New England Culinary Institute before heading to SoCal to experience the culinary scene there. Upon returning to the East Coast, Chef DiSilva headed up the kitchens at the Three Penny Tap Room, VT and the Tap Brewery, MA before joining the Serenitee Group. 

Chef DiSilva plans to add some fun bar food to the Opus menu with new spins on classics like burgers, tacos and wings.  DiSilva also plans on upping the restaurant’s dessert game, with some new house-made sweet treats. 

Chef DiSilva is sampling some of his new menu ideas during restaurant week, like Scallop Carpaccio and Jamaican Jerk Grilled Pork Tenderloin, so make sure you to check the menu and let the staff know what you think. 

About Opus

Opus reflects the city of Salem: It’s quirky, progressive and welcoming.  It’s the kind of place where you can enjoy an intimate meal on Tuesday, and a rocking good time on Friday. Opus’ maverick kitchen whips up unexpected flavor combinations that simply taste amazing. The restaurant’s dynamic sushi team draws on both east and western influences to create sushi rolls that are truly unique. The upstairs dining room is centered around an oversized, glowing glass bar where guests can meet for a drink or a full three-course meal. Downstairs, in Opus Underground, guests enjoy nightly entertainment in a Moroccan-inspired space, filled with cozy seating, oriental rugs and dim lighting. Opus and the Underground have evolved into a destination for live music, dinner, cocktails and brunch three days a week.  For more information, please visit the Opus website:, Facebook: or email: