While Impressionism may bring to mind light-filled skies, pleasure boating, and park picnics, Hassam is having none of it. The subject of this exhibit is simply Appledore Island, its rocks meeting the sea, its topography, and flora, the ever-present horizon. Hassam doesn't bother to depict people, houses, anything manmade. Instead, the pictures consist of changing skies, rocky shores, laurel bushes, salt water pools, and flowers.

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Rodin lands at Peabody Essex Museum - Photo Gallery

The Peabody Essex Museum has brought in no shortage of exceptional exhibits over the past few months. From the extraordinary kinetic sculptures in Strandbeest: The Dream Machines of Theo Jansen, to the nostalgia-inducing American Epics: Thomas Hart Benton and Hollywood, to the evocative Native American fashion exhibit Native Fashion Now, the PEM continues to impress. 

This month, the Peabody Essex Museum is introducing Rodin: Transforming Sculpture showcasing one of the world’s most iconic and avant-garde sculptors, French artist Auguste Rodin. In addition to the display of Rodin’s pieces themselves, the exhibition will also feature ongoing performances from the Peabody, MA-based Bosoma Dance Company. 

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