The Phoenix School: Making Marks to See Where It Takes Them

The Phoenix School has wasted no time in beginning many far-reaching adventures this academic year. In true Phoenix fashion, students have already begun engaging with what is the school’s central theme this fall-- Peace. Students are asking themselves: What have I done-- and what can I do-- that has made and will make an impact? And, more importantly, what does this mean?

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The Phoenix School visit Rotary and hosts a Genius exhibition - Media Gallery

The Phoenix School visits Rotary Club!

About The Phoenix School

A school near the heart of the city

Since the beginning of The Phoenix School in 1981, we have been committed to being a school near the heart of the city, not only to make use of community resources, but also to be a vibrant part of our neighborhood. Even at our current location on the edge of the downtown, Phoenix kids are still a part of the Salem scene, moving easily along its sidewalks, a familiar sight to business people in the downtown as they run errands, clean up, collect ink cartridges from area businesses, make deliveries, walk to the Common, the YMCA, or the Peabody Essex Museum, celebrate May Day on Salem Common, attend a Rotary meeting, or participate in City events and celebrations.

A school that cares

With this commitment to Salem comes an obligation to teach Phoenix students the importance of giving back to the community from which they have benefited. Twenty-seven years later Phoenix kids are still contributing generously to their community.

For more information about community service learning at Phoenix, click on one of the links below.

All photos by Joey Phoenix for Creative Salem

The Phoenix School hosts a Genius Exhibition

The 2015 Phoenix School Mayfair celebration - Media Gallery

"The world's favorite season is the spring.

All things seem possible in May."

- Edwin Way Teale

On May 8th, Grandparents’ Day for Salem’s The Phoenix School was more than just an opportunity for multiple generations to gather together and celebrate the achievements of the young ones in the family. It was also a chance to recognize one of the most enjoyable parts of the year: the month of May. It’s no question that the warmth of spring is welcome reprieve from the drawn-out difficulties of the most recent winter, and what better way to commemorate the brighter days than with a May Fair.

Dressed in their spring finest, flower crowns atop their heads and bells jingling at their ankles, the kids, ranging from age 4-14, put on a show in Salem Common that was an absolute joy to experience. They sang traditional songs, danced rehearsed dances with ornate steps, and delighted the audience with sound and color.

Photo Gallery: 2014 Phoenix School Halloween Parade and Costume Contest