Booker T. Jones and Cozy Covers at the Larcom Theatre

By Chris Ricci

With an over 50 year career under his belt, it’s very hard to deny the impact Booker T. Jones has had on the industry. Known best for his work with Rock & Roll Hall of Famer’s “Booker T. & The M.G.’s,” Jones’ proficiency in a wide range of instruments as well as his skills with production and arranging have earned him a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award as well as countless other accolades. His tenth studio album, “Sound the Alarm,” features a wide range of guests ranging from Vintage Trouble to Gary Clark, Jr., and has been describes by the Boston Globe as the “sound of summer.”  This Saturday, Booker T. Jones will be performing live at the legendary Larcom Theatre in Beverly with local duo Cozy Covers. Featuring Eric Reardon and Sarah Seminski, Cozy Covers’ are a brilliantly minimalist group that will surely meld well with Booker T’s legendary sound.


Less than 24 miles from Boston, the fully restored Larcom Theatre is conveniently situated in downtown Beverly, MA -- 3 miles from Route 128 at 13 Wallis Street, with plenty of free parking (see map).

This gracious showplace -- featuring spectacular acoustics -- was built in 1912 (the same year as Fenway Park) by Harris and Glover Ware, two brothers and former vaudeville musicians from Marblehead, MA.

For their new theatre, which offered both stage and screen entertainment, they chose the birth site of one of America's most widely read nineteenth century poetesses, Lucy Larcom.

The Larcom Theatre's grand opening advertised that its interior was lit completely by electricity.

In 1984, Cesareo Pelaez, award-winning founder of the Le Grand David stage magic ensemble, led the purchase and restoration of the Larcom Theatre, returning its elegant horseshoe balcony, hand-painted antique pressed tin ceilings and original silk wall coverings to their original glory.

Beginning with gimmeLIVE's sold-out 2013 Mardi Gras concert, the Larcom Theatre was filled with music for the first time since the days of Vaudeville.

In 2014, gimmeLIVE installed a new, state-of-the-art sound system featuring Meyer line arrays and subs, which is used for all concerts presented by gimmeLIVE.

Today, Peter & Vickie Van Ness of gimmeLIVE continue to showcase top local talent on stage with national recording stars at the Larcom Theatre