The Rocky Horror Show comes to Old Town Hall for Haunted Happenings!

October 15 - 25

the musical
By Richard O'Brien
Directed by Catherine M. Bertrand
Old Town Hall, downtown Salem

Photo by  Catherine Bertrand

Photo by Catherine Bertrand

Join us for the rock musical that has made history with its “wild and untamed” cult following! The Rocky Horror Show, as you've never seen it before, will take over downtown Salem this October.  Prepare to do The Time Warp (again)!

A hilarious tribute to the B science fiction films of the middle of the twentieth century, The Rocky Horror Show show tells the story of newly engaged couple getting caught in a storm and arriving at the dwelling of a mad gender-bent scientist on the night of the new creation a handsome muscle man named Rocky Horror. The live stage version includes all of the famous numbers from the film such as The Time Warp, Sweet Transvestite and Damn It, Janet accompanied by a full band.

Take advantage of the Early Bird Special. Order your tickets
online by Friday, October 9 and use the discount code CREATIVESALEM and receive $5 off your ticket. Student tickets must be presented at the door with a valid student ID. 

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ACTORS NEEDED! Salem Theatre seeks talented actors for two productions

Directed by NATE BERTONE

Tech - August 10th-12th
Opening - Thursday August 13th @ 8pm.
Performances August 13th-16th,19th-22nd.


IAN: Early 30’s, handsome man, newly wed to Hillary, childhood best friend to Scott, works in advertising, great at his job, an only child from a wealthy family, father was a doctor who was emotionally unavailable to his family, mother left a career as an accomplished writer to be a stay-at-home-parent-turned-alcoholic, both deceased. He is a former, one time patient of Hillary’s.

SCOTT: Early 30’s, doesn’t care about appearances, fiercely devoted childhood friend to Ian, works many odd jobs as an artist, gifted illustrator, loves magic, an only child and the product of a traumatic upbringing. An undiagnosed, high functioning, sociopath.


Our darkest secrets always find their way to the light. Sometimes this light disarms them, diffusing their potency. And sometimes the light catches the cracks and the dirty corners, breathing life back into those dormant memories. And no matter how much we try to rewrite history, the truth always finds a way to muscle through the lies. In Entangled, two best friends, Ian and Scott along with Hillary, the woman Ian loves, find themselves trapped in an impossible predicament: un-knowing what they know. And so, on a stormy new year’s eve on the secluded Peaks Island in Maine, our characters find themselves trapped by the snow and the avalanche of horrible realities they’ve been trying to hide from one another over the years. Everyone’s secrets are revealed. No one is safe from blame. And someone will not make it off the island alive.

If you are interested PLEASE contact Nate ASAP 


Rehearsal Dates : August 1st – 28th
Performance Dates : August 29th, 30th AND October 15th – 25th 

Synopsis : A humorous tribute to the science fiction and horror ‘B movies’ of the late 1940s through to the early 1970s, the musical tells the story of a newly engaged couple getting caught in a storm and coming to the home of a mad transvestite scientist unveiling his new creation, a muscle man named Rocky Horror. 


a. Muscle friendly male (who can sing) to play ROCKY… This role will spend most of the show in Gold Hot Pants and nothing else and will also have a permanent layer of oil on them…. Actor should be comfortable with these parameters. 

b. A Rock-a-Billy singer who sings one song then gets killed onstage…. Preferably someone with actual experience performing as a rock musician.

If you are interested please contact the Salem Theatre ASAP! 

About Salem Theatre


Theatre is about engagement. It is the voice of a community -  and that means each and everyone in that community. Human Beings are storytellers. The need to tell stories has sustained the human race for thousands of years. Whether in a dark performance space, or historic house or public park, when we gather to tell and listen to stories it is theatre. 

Salem is a historic city, and full of diverse stories to tell. Salem Theatre finds those stories and then finds the right venue to tell it. 

Salem Theatre is the nonprofit theatre of Salem, MA whose mission is to enrich the artistic, cultural,and economic life of the greater Salem region through the performance of classic, contemporary and new works of exceptional theater; to move and inspire our audiences; and to build connections with new diverse audiences and theater artists through arts education outreach.

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Nate Bertone Merges Sentimental Past with Heart-Rending Present in Stirring New Play

By Joey Phoenix

"This Land Was Made for You and Me"

Letters from War is an evocative portrayal of the struggle of those left behind when their loved ones go off to war, only to never return. The emotional difficulties of parting with those you love are amplified by the harsh realities of attempting to continue the day-to-day rigors of life without them. As the years stretch onward and the chances of their return seem less likely with each passing day, the turmoil on the mind often becomes too much to bear. Loss has the unfortunate tendency of causing a person dealing with overwhelming grief to become stuck in time. An individual under duress such as this will relive the past alongside the present, a fact only worsened by the presence of mental illness.

In Letters from War, Bertone narrows in on a family living in modern Mississippi, telling their story through gripping choreography and classic American folk songs. The family consists of a grandmother with a debilitating disease, namely Alzheimer's, a daughter who has grown up without a father and has taken on the exhausting role of caretaker for her ailing mother, and a granddaughter on the brink of adulthood who is somehow stuck in the middle of everything. In the small, simple house where they live, nostalgia remains ever present, and memory exists uncomfortably alongside reality.

The story centers around the grandmother, Mae who, as a result of her disease, experiences the sorrows and intermittent joys of the distant past simultaneously to the present. Her daughter, Lily, unable to cope with her mother’s behavior and frequent references to her long dead father, Clayton, a fallen soldier in the Vietnam War, has made the difficult decision to send her mother to a nursing home. Lily is further exasperated by the fact that her own daughter, Madison, indulges Mae’s nostalgic flights of fancy in effort to learn more about the grandfather she never knew. The more Madison asks about her grandfather, the more Mae retreats into her own history, and although Clayton is long gone, for Mae, it’s as if he never truly left.

It is a testament to Nate Bertone’s dual writing and staging prowess that the scenes of past and present successfully merge during the performance.  For the World Premiere of Letters from War at Salem Theatre Company, the audience was transported back in time to 1960s Mississippi, flown overseas to the swamps and battlegrounds of wartime Vietnam, and carried to the modern deep south, many times all at once. The experience of the performance is jarring at first, as the story arc pulls the viewer in many different directions. We are empathetic to Lily whose life has held no mercy, we are sympathetic to Mae whose young romance was taken from her before it could blossom, and we are heartsick for the young Clayton, a soldier so full of life who never was able to return to his family – a family who will never be able to forget him.


Much can be said too of a performance that was only able to realize 60 minutes of an idealized 90 minute production. The crew only had 12 days to rehearse, and one role was only added three days prior to the beginning of the production. Yet, despite the lack of development that would have crippled other performances, the actors were able to effectively portray the complex emotions inherent within the story with only minor ambiguities. It is easy to imagine just how powerful the story may yet become once its true vision has been realized.

Next up for Salem Theatre Company is The Normal Heart, directed by Catherine Bertrand, running from June 11 - Sunday June 27 in correspondence with North Shore Pride Week. You can get tickets to one of these performances by following this link

Images by Nate Bertone