Pickwickian Endeavors 

SCHEDULE Please note -there may be slight adjustments to times of presentations—All venues are within 10/15 minute walk 

Friday, Sept. 26_ 

Teaching the Other Dicken’s, & His Republic 

Salem Athenaeum, 337 Essex St

8-9 a.m. 8:40-9 Registration ~ Breakfast 

9-10 a.m. Teaching Dickens and Dickensian Afterlives’ 

Natalie Cole, Oakland University, Michigan 

10-11a.m. ’Dickens, Longfellow, & the Village Blacksmith’ 

Lillian Nayder, Bates College, Maine 

11-12p.m. "Dickens and Massachusetts: The Other America." 

Diana Archibald, University of Massachusettes Lowell 

__ Lunch donated by BBC (British Beer Company)__ 

House of 7 Gables—Dickens & the Sa-lem Connection 1-2:30 p.m.Parker Brothers, Dickens, & Puzzles’ 

Bob Armstrong, Historian, Collector 

3-4 p.m. ‘Haunted Men, Little Women, & the Boy Next Door’ 

Karen Goodno-McGuire, SSU Visiting Lecturer 

4-5 p.m. ’Dickens, & the Sea,’ 

Costumed Perf. Larry Young & Susanne Powers 

Gables Garden & Gift Shop 

6 p.m. Private Reception @ Salem Athenaeum 

*Included with each registration- Salem Athenaeum 

‘Toasting Dickens’ 

Welcome from Rep. John Tierney, Mayor Kimberly Driscoll—Toast by Jude V. Nixon, Salem State 

University , Improvisational Presentation by Gerald Dickens 



8-11 p.m. Salem Old Town Hall 

’Nancy & Sikes’ 

OPTIONAL Additional pre-ticketed -**$$ cost $20. Salem Old Town Hall 

Prepare to be shocked ! 

Gerald Dickens, Charles Dickens great,great grandson -show/signings/student workshop 

This is Victorian theatre at its most dramatic. Most of Charles’ readings were safe, well-known 

and often comic passages from his novels, but in 1869 he introduced Sikes and Nancy to his repertoire. 

When Dickens performed what he called ‘The Murder’ he judged the success of the evening by the 

number of ladies who had fainted with horror. Today it has lost none of its power. 


Sat., Sept. 27, Salem Athenaeum 

8 –9 a.m. *8:40-9 Breakfast by A & J King Artisan Bakery 

Magic and the Moral Universe (am program) 

9-10 a.m. ‘Dickens Inferno: The Moral Universe of Charles Dickens’ 

Susan Jhirad, North Shore Community Colllege 

10– 12 p.m. Authors Panel 

Lillian Nayder- Dickens Brothers Bates College, 

Mark Cronin-Hablot K. Browne & the Overturned Boat House in David Copperfield" Saint Anselm College, 

IIan Keable-Charles Dickens, The Unparalleled Necromancer: Dickens’s writings on, & performances of, conjuring. 

Oxford University Alumni 

Lunch donated by BBC (British Beer Company) 

Hawthorne Hotel—Library 

1-3 p.m. ’Dickens Rare Films Explored’ 

Fred Guida , Author, Yale Center for British Art 



12:30-6:30 p.m. Omni Parker House –Boston 

Optional (Pre-ticketed**$$ cost $35.-) includes below/Limited Seating) 

(There is mod. walking from place to place at Faneuil Hall) 

1-1:45 Salem Ferry 

2-2:45 p.m. Serendipity/Faneuil Hall 

3-5 p.m. Omni Parker-’Tea Talks’ 

(Tea service, Boston Crème Pie, 2 Presentations,) 

“Desperate Anarchy: Dickens, American Writers, & the Copyright Question" 

Rob Velella, Literary Historian 

‘Mrs. Jarley’s Wax Works Meets Mrs Gamp’ 

Performed by Jan Turnquist, Director of Orchard House, Historian, Actress 

5:30-6:15 p.m. Ferry return to Salem 

Sophia”s at Hawthorne Hotel 

‘Boz Banquet’ 

6-10:30 p.m. -Pre-ticketed **$$ cost $40.-/$46.-Meal Choices 

Optional 6 -7 p.m. Cash Bar — Nathaniel’s at Hawthorne Hotel 

7 – 8 p.m. Banquet 

Picturing David Copperfield’ 

Keynote Speaker John Jordan, Prof. University of California 

Director of Dickens Universe 

’Dr. Marigold’ 

Gerald Dickens, Charles Dickens great, great grandson, Performance 

Doctor Marigold was one of Charles Dickens most popular readings. The Doctor of the title is a market 

Cheap Jack, named in honour of a doctor who assisted at his birth. On the surface he is a trader with a rapid 

Sun., Sept. 28 

Salem Athenaeum 

8-9 am 8:40-9 Breakfast 

Spirited and Spiritual—The Dickens Doctrine 9-10 am. The Master of the New Testament Put Out of Sight” 

Dickens’s Christology and the Higher Critical Debate 

Jude V. Nixon, Salem State University 

10-11 a.m. "Dickens, the Lowell mill girls, & the Making of 

“A Christmas Carol". 

Natalie McKnight, Boston University , Mass. 

11-12:30 a.m. The Complete Works of Dickens” 

Gerald Dickens, Performance, Q & A, & Brief Talk on “A Child’s Journey” 

Depart for home or enjoy optional programs 


More Optional—add on programs Sun., Sept. 28 1-3 pm ‘New England Clambake & Dickens Prose’ 

Pre-ticketed**$$ cost $35.- Seaside clambake, poetry discussion by NOBB, quintessential N.E. 

Camp Naumkeag at Historic Salem Willows 

Sun.,Sept. 28. 4-5 p.m. “A Musical Journey with Dickens in Victorian America” 

Pre-ticketed**$$ cost $20 Maggie & Jim Dalton - Hawthorne Hotel Library 

Follow Dickens American tours through historical and Musical Performance 

Sun., Sept 28, 6-10 p.m. ’Nicholas Nickleby’ 

Pre-ticketed-**$$ cost $35.- Gerald Dickens , Charles Dickens great, great grandson 

6-7 Cash Bar, 7-8 Buffet, 8-10 Performance,signings, photos Finz @ Pickering Wharf Inspired by the RSC’s 8-hour of Nicholas Nickleby, Gerald’s version packs the plot into just 1 hour. Travelling with Nicholas across the country we meet some of Charles Dickens’ greatest characters: Wackford Squeers, Smike, Vincent Crummles, Newman Noggs, Sir Mulberry Hawk and many others. Nicholas Nickleby shows Charles Dickens off to his theatrical best. 

‘Fellman’s Dickens Collection’ 

Pre-register **$$ cost $65.- Mon., 8:30/9 a.m. Dickens Fellman Collection at WPI—Day Trip (***Depart from Hawthorne Hotel, WPI Library tour/ talk/research, Garden tea/lunch, bus return 4:30 p.m. approx.) 

Register Now ! 

If using your own transportation note there is street parking near SSU and 2 parking garages in the downt own area. Many conf. venues ‘downtown’ are minutes from each other Meters are set for 4 hrs. In lots. We recommend you park in a garage if planning to stay for the full day. map 

**Optional Activities have and additional cost & are first come first serve. Optional programs have Dickens content included register through July 27, 2014 

SSU Theatre Students to present scenes, vignettes, & character highlights from Dickens