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Attention, all true music lovers: Once you see the Ross Livermore Band, you won't forget them. The tightness of their soul-tinged rock grooves has ignited crowds and dance floors all over the East Coast. They have an honest, heart-and-soul approach that has not just made them a concert favorite, but has been heard on three well-respected records so far, propelled by the melodic songwriting of Livermore. They have an old-school rock dedication combined with a new-school energy that has won them a wide, cross-generational fan base. They're also about to embark on a novel campaign of making four video EPs of new songs recorded in various studios. They'll release one video per month from them for the next year as a treat for their fans. But rest assured that the best place to see them is still in a concert setting. Trust me, you'll come back for more.

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