Salem Food Digest - Breaking “Good” In The Burger Business – A & B Finds It’s Way To A Better Burger

By TheBaldOne


Some time ago we ventured to a new burger joint that had claimed the old Salem Jail space from another restaurant which had escaped into obscurity. At the time it seemed as if they weren’t really sure about what it is that they wanted to do.

We resolved to return at a later date. Sometimes new restaurants need a little time to find their footing.

That later date arrived and we ventured once more to the building that once housed Albert DeSalvo, the presumed and no longer burger-eating Boston Strangler.

In this case the old adage, “good things come to those who wait” proved true. A & B Burger has found their way. One of the good things is that a small sit-down bar has been added.

The location is somewhat difficult to access no matter your mode of transportation. You would be well advised to park at the Museum Place Garage or in the Church Street Lot. The walk from either spot is a short one down St. Peter Street with a right hand turn onto the Bridge Street side of the old building.

The room was active when we arrived, with the din of activity, music, and conversation filling the dining room. There was no wait for our two-top, but larger parties were waiting about twenty minutes on average.

Two burgers were ordered, along with one side of Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Fries. Jacqui ordered one of the adult milk shakes and I chose a Notch Session Pils. My burger choice was a “Hangover” Burger with an extra patty, which has American cheese, bacon, and a fried egg. Jacqui chose the “Black & Blue” Burger with bleu cheese, bacon, and caramelized onions.

First came the Notch beer and the “Tres Leche” milkshake made with Van Gogh Caramel Vodka, milk, and vanilla ice cream. We found it to be tasty, but we would both have rather seen a bigger glass. An adult milkshake should come in an adult size.

The fries were quite good. They were cooked properly, not soggy and not too crisp. They stood up to the bite and had a good flavor accentuated by the sea salt and cracked pepper.

Now we are onto the meat of the matter, the burgers.

The meat filled the bun and  was thick enough to cook to order. We were happy with that, skinny burgers are for fast food places. Medium rare should not be a matter of interpretation. They hit it just right. The meat was fresh and juicy. The buns were fresh and warm. It should be noted that they offer a gluten free bun option, a potato bun, or a lettuce wrap with a small up charge.

Just after we sat, the family next to us had their meals served. There were some issues with a dietary restriction and amends had to be made. Mom was a little stern and bordered on harsh in her demeanor but the staff handled a somewhat difficult situation very well. When all was said and done junior was happy.

Welcome to Salem A & B Burgers, you have found your stride and we at Salem Food Digest designate you as “The Best Jailhouse Burger In Essex County”.

We will be back, that “Mr. Butler” Burger is calling our name


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